Smart phone or camera, amateur or pro; capture New Mexico’s stunning landscape as you ride with Harley Davidson HOG® contributing photographer, Carlan Tapp.  He’ll show you the tips and techniques for creating memorable photographs and then how to process those images using Adobe Lightroom’s latest digital technology.


Tour Fee:  $350.00 per day for one motorcycle/rider.  For motorcycles carrying a passenger, an additional fee of $100.00 for a second person.  A 10% discount for small groups.  Tours limited to three motorcycles.


Tour season April 1 - October 31.  Tours begin 9:00am and end at 4:00pm -- around 5 hours of saddle time.  Times may vary due to seasonal changes.  Riding at high altitude requires full riding gear and plenty of sunscreen.  Tours include lunch and snacks.  Motorcycles not included.  Motorcycle rentals are available at EagleRiders Motorcycle Rentals, Albuquerque, NM.  Visit their website at:  eagleriders.com or call 888-900-9901.


Tour #1 - Where Road Meets The Sky - $350.00


Riding through the Galisteo Basin and along the Turquoise Trail is a jaw-dropping experience.  It’s wildflower-lined two-laners, acres of native grasses, grazing horses, ranches and roads that never seem to end.  It’s rider heaven.


The moto-photo tour begins at our headquarters in Madrid.   You’ll have an opportunity to warm up photographing this one of a kind old mining town with its unique shops, restaurants, independent artists and perhaps a few colorful locals.   From Madrid the ride winds into the Galisteo Basin, 470,000 acres of wide-open country.  The first stop is the village of Galisteo, population 180.  The village has been continuously inhabited for 12,000 years, beginning with the Clovis People.  Today it’s home to artists, a few eccentrics and fifth generation Spanish.  From Galisteo it’s west to HWY 14 to the town of Golden and the famous Henderson Trading Post.  The trading post has been selling fine Indian art and jewelry for 98 years.  Heading north from Golden the road weaves through the Ortiz Mountains and eventually twists and turns down back into Madrid.

"Buy the ticket - Take the Ride" ~ Hunter. S. Thompson

Tucumcari Tonight - 2 Day Tour - $895.00 (includes meals & lodging)

"Do Something Worth Remembering" ~ Elvis Presley

Tour #2 - Indian Country, Past and Present - $350.00


New Mexico is home to 19 inhabited pueblos that date back to c1250.  The residents are descendents of the Anasasi that once inhabited Chaco Canyon.  8 of those pueblos are located within 50 miles of Santa Fe.  Dances, feast days and traditions are continued today and many are open to the public.  Also still honored is their tradition of making magnificent pottery, carvings and jewelry, skills passed down from generation to generation.  This tour winds through 2 of those pueblos, Cochiti and Santo Domingo.  It’s a ride from the present into the past via miles of stunning open road, a ride rich in culture and beauty.


The tour leaves our headquarters in Madrid and heads west through what we call around here, movie road.  Two movies sets still exist there and are constantly in use.  The tour will stop at one, Eve’s Ranch, where John Wayne got his start to the recent Adam Sandler movie, The Ridiculous Six.  From there the ride heads to Cochiti, across the Rio Grande and then on to Tent Rocks.  Tent Rocks are unique cone-shaped landforms created by volcanic eruptions 6 to 7 million years ago.  The Cochiti still consider it a sacred site.   Next it’s on to the Santo Domingo Pueblo where an original section of Rt. 66 once passed through.  The tour will stop at the famous Santo Domingo Trading Post recently restored to it’s original state.  From Santo Domingo it’s back to Madrid, to the present, the spirit well fed.

Route 66 and New Mexico have a long relationship.  There were several cuts throughout the state over the years, the first one as early as 1923.  Today Route 66 enthusiasts can trace these cuts through ghost towns such as Dilia that was built entirely out of stone or Cuervo, that appears to have been suddenly abandoned.  New Mexico Route 66 is stepping back into America’s rich history, each stop another chapter.  If one listens closely it’s possible to hear the old trucks and cars filled with people and their belongings heading west for a better life.


This tour starts on old Route 66 a few miles outside of Santa Fe.  It then picks up an old cut at Romeroville.  Next its south to Dilia then west through the ghost towns of Cuervo and Newkirk before arriving at Tucumcari.  Once the heartbeat of New Mexico’s old Route 66 Tucumcari has revived that status.  Motels, restaurants and neon signs have been restored.  Colorful murals of old Route 66 have been painted by local artists throughout town.


After a good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast at KIX, an original 66 diner, the tour loops back to Madrid via NM 104, once a section of the original Route 66.  It’s 110 miles of prairies, mesas, cliffs and canyons.  Locals refer to this stretch of road as rider heaven.


Fee is based on one motorcycle/rider.  For motorcycles carrying a passenger an additional fee of $200.00 applies to the second person.  A 10% discount applies for small groups.  Tours limited to three motorcycles.

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A 50% deposit is required at time of registration.  Remaining 50% is due 30 days prior to the ride.   Deposit minus a $15 service fee will be refunded with a minimum of 30 days notice.  Rain checks will be issued for cancellations within 30 days of scheduled ride.  Extended custom tours of 2 nights or more are available.  Please call for more information.

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